Information you should read if considering engaging Pixel Perfect You (PPY) as a photographer.


Daylight Considerations

Outdoor sessions are fun and interesting because PPY is photographing the person in a setting other than a studio.  An important consideration about outdoor photo sessions is that mid-day sun creates unflattering harsh shadows on a person's face. The person is often also fighting the urge to squint because of the bright sunlight.  You may be chuckling about mid-day sun here in the Michiana area but the sun does does poke through the clouds eventually.  Even here!

As a photographer, PPY could compensate for the effects of mid-day sun by composing the photo in shady areas, having the person stand with their back to the sun (which can blow out highlights in the background), using a fill flash / reflector or adjusting light levels in post-processing (to an extent).  Using such photographic techniques can defeat the benefit of shooting photos outdoors in the first place.

As such, PPY kindly requires scheduling the session within three hours of either sunrise or sunset (golden hours) to offer a great variety of locations for compositions due to quality of the sunlight.

PPY also realizes golden hour photos sessions may conflict with someone's schedule/availability. Therefore PPY can still schedule a session during the heart of the day and utilize some of the techniques previously mentioned - or hope for an overcast day.

Photo Locations

PPY is open to photograph at any public location such as a park, plaza, street/sidewalk, etc.  Some parks or gardens require a permit to photograph there and PPY will let the client know of any such fees.  PPY will attempt to scout a client requested location prior to the photo session.

If PPY is asked to photograph on private property that is not owned by the client, PPY will require the owner or manager of the property to sign a property release.  For safety reasons, PPY will not photograph on 'live' railroad tracks.  Besides, railroad tracks are private property.

Outfits / Styling

I recommend no more than three outfits so we spend more of the time we have together capturing you in different poses and settings.  Note that some locations may not offer amenities for changing.

I also recommend that you bring styling items such as hair brush, hairspray, mirror, hair clips, hair ties, make-up kit, etc. in case your hair or makeup needs attention between outfit changes or it is a windy day.

Model Releases

PPY likes the opportunity to exhibit their photos such as on this website, social media, photo contests, etc. as a means of advertising the services offered here at Pixel Perfect You.  To that end, PPY kindly requests that a model release be signed by all persons photographed for portraits.  The parent or guardian will need to sign for children under 18 years of age.

PPY will respect the wishes of those who do not sign a model release.  Also, PPY will only post flattering photos of someone unless PPY gets specific approval to post a photo that may not be flattering.  An example scenario would be the "before" photo of a before-and-after photo illustrating a retouching service PPY offers.

Copyright and Licensing

Unless agreed to in writing, Pixel Perfect You retains all copyrights to the photos produced by the photographer.  PPY grants licenses to people to use photos for non-commercial purposes.  PPY's written estimate and agreement detail the licensing terms granted to the client.

Touchups / Photo Editing

Please visit my retouching page to read what is included and what is not included for retouching/editing of photographs from a PPY photo session.


-Joe Tinervia, Owner and Photographer