$140 Session fee includes:

FusonKids2017--10 sm.jpg
  • One hour photo session allotment on location.
  • Digital editing and retouching.  This editing includes cropping, white balance, adjusting contrast, tonal (color) adjustments, blemish removal (typically on close up portraits),
  • Sessions can be anywhere within 30 miles of Elkhart.
  • A DVD containing a minimum of 20 high resolution curated digital photos (resolution of 2,400 pixels on short edge minimum – that’s 10 inches on the short edge printed at 240ppi resolution) along with print release.
    • This is the minimum number of photos I will include in the DVD.
    • I may include other really good photos that I did not touch up (because it was similar in pose/composition to one that I considered the best of the group).
    • The actual resolution will likely also be higher.  I state the minimum resolution you will receive so you know that even with a cropped image, that you will still have the capability to print a large photo.
    • No prints?  Only a DVD?  That is correct – no prints by me.  Other photographers can make a hefty living producing print images from a photo session.  I have structured my pricing to give you, the client, the ability to take the DVD containing the images to the printer or your choice!  It can be Walmart, Snapfish, Shutterfly, Gene’s Cemera Store or other printer of your choice – that delivers the quality and pricing you select.

An additional $25 fee for each additional child during the one hour session allotment.

NEW FEATURE:  You can choose to have the images printed directly from my website at a professional photo lab and have the images delivered directly to you. 

Also take time to go to the Read Me page for some important considerations.