Pretty white stuff

Had the pleasure of photographing this family for a quick seasonal family photo session this past weekend.


Another image from a family photo session.


Corey was a pleasure to photograph. He was a confident teenager and pleasant young man.

Godfather Photo Mosaic

I was blessed to be asked to be the Godfather of my nephew Nico. It’s a big deal and an honor to be asked. Now I can wear my pinky ring! Just kidding! It doesn’t fit me any more :(.

My brother gifted me a frame with a nicely matted photo of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino with the title “The God Father” at the bottom and top.


The matted image I received from my brother

I really loved it! I am a huge fan of the movies. I even took a self portrait (and you can read about it in the link) of myself in a tuxedo with cigar in hand in the Godfather film motif soon after Nico was born!

GodFather Joe-1

So back to the frame my brother gave me. I thought about replacing the Brando/Pacino photo with the self-portrait photo. But I felt it would lack something. Then I came up with the idea of incorporating my Godson Nico into it.

Since we are separated by 700 miles, I’ve been able to keep up with his growing up via photos – either via text or on social media. I began saving those photos – all of them because I knew I’d want to do something with them. So when I received this matted and framed photo from my brother, it clicked in my head that I make a photo mosaic out of it. Here it is.

GodFather Joe-Mosaic

A photo mosaic self-portrait I created that contains photos of my godson over the course of his first year. You’ll need to click on the image to see its full resolution.

Here is the image, matted, in the frame.

I plan to detail how I created the actual photo mosaic in a future post. Let me know what you think of it!

Portrait of girl in her boots

There’s something special about a girl and her boots.

This portrait was photographed during a family session. Let me know if you like it.

Please keep me in mind for your family picture needs!

Big bro, lil sis

Photographed these great kids last week! Big brother was tall and little sister was the opposite, but got the four of them balanced out in this family photo of siblings.

Brother and Sisters

Down to earth kids I photographed not long ago for this family photo session.

I love capturing family portrait keepsakes because kids grow up and move out in the blink of an eye.

Cell phone photos are a great convenience and can take great images these days. But there’s something special about entrusting a photographer, like me, to create lasting impressions of your precious ones. I aim to give you the best from every click of the shutter to blemish removal and final image export. So keep me in mind if you are looking to capture something more than a cell phone shot of your loved ones. Photographs make a great gift!