Q. What type of editing, if any, is done on the proofs?

A. Minor retouching done for proofs includes straightening, cropping, and correcting white balance.


Q. What type of editing, if any, is done for final selected images?

A. Typical portrait retouching on selected proofs for final image includes the minor retouching mentioned above and also adjust contrast, tonal and color adjustments, blemish removal (typically on close up portraits).  Sharpening is applied as needed.


Q. Do you photoshop a final image?

A. Major editing on images (can be performed for additional cost at client's request) by using photoshop to perform more extensive edits to a photo.  Examples of major editing include: swapping head (or other body part) from one image to another, slimming down a face, turning a grimace to a smile, background swap.  Photoshop rates are $50 / hour.


Q. Where can we have our photo session?

A. Pixel Perfect You is open to photograph at the convenience of your home or any public location such as a park, plaza, street/sidewalk, etc.  Some parks or gardens require a permit to photograph there and Pixel Perfect You will let the client know of any such fees.  Pixel Perfect You will scout a client requested location prior to the photo session to better prepare for it.

For safety reasons, Pixel Perfect You will not photograph on 'live' railroad tracks. 


Q. Are there any limits to number of outfits I can change into during photo session?

A. We recommend no more than three outfits (two changes) during a senior session and two outfits (one change) during an individual/couples sessions so we spend more of the time we have together photographing you in different poses and settings.  Please note that some locations may not offer amenities for changing.

I also recommend that you bring styling items such as hair brush, hairspray, mirror, hair clips, hair ties, make-up kit, etc. in case your hair or makeup needs attention between outfit changes or it is a windy day.


Q. What are proofs?

A. Proofs are lower resolution photos that are culled from the session by the photographer.  Proofs, like contact sheets of yesteryear, are meant for the client to view and select final images.  Proofs will not be touched up or edited except as detailed in the question and answer above.  Proof images will contain a watermark over them because they are not considered licensed final images.  Our proof galleries will not offer download feature because they are not licensed final images.

Q. Explain the client gallery

A. Okay. Here is a video walk through.

Q. What are final images?

A. Final images are those selected by the client from the proof gallery and delivered to the client. The quantity of final images delivered depends on the session that was purchased.  The final images will be edited and/or touched up as detailed in the FAQ response above.  They will be high resolution (at least 3,000 pixels on the short edge).  The final images are delivered to the client on a DVD with the images in .jpg format. They will be available on an online gallery for no less than 90 days to allow the client, their friends and family the opportunity to conveniently purchase photographic prints and products. The client can also download images directly from the final image online gallery and share the gallery through social media and direct url links.

Q. What about raw images?

A. Although Pixel Perfect You typically captures images in a raw digital format, Pixel Perfect You does not deliver raw image files to the client. 

Q. Does the client own the copyright?

A. Unless agreed to in writing, Pixel Perfect You (Joe Tinervia) retains all copyrights to the photos produced during photo session.  Pixel Perfect You grants licenses to people to use photos for non-commercial purposes (social sharing, printing, headshot for website, newsletter, business card).  Pixel Pefect You’s written estimate and agreement detail the actual licensing terms granted to the client.

Q. What else should I know?

A. Pixel Perfect You may publish any image taken during the photo session on their website, blog, portfolio, and social media as indicated in their written agreement, unless client indicates in the written agreement that they do not want images published.