April and May 2019 Session Availability

List of dates that are currently open for a photo session (Seniors/Family/Individuals/Couples) for April and May are currently as follows (updated daily):

  • Wednesday, April 10, 2019 at 6PM
  • Friday, April 12, 2019 at 6PM
  • Sunday, April 14, 2019 at 6PM
  • Wednesday, April 17, 2019 at 6PM
  • Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 6PM
  • Thursday, April 25, 2018 at 6:30PM
  • Friday, April 26, 2018 at 6:30PM
  • Saturday, May 4, 2019 at 6:30PM
  • Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 6:30PM
  • Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 6:30PM
  • Sunday, May 19, 2019 at 7:00pm
  • Monday, May 20, 2019 at 7:00pm
  • Wednesday, May 22, 2019 at 7:00pm
  • Thursday, May 23, 2019 at 7:00pm

June and July availability

Note: Deposit must be received to hold date. Option to pay by check or through website. Call or text.

If paying for deposit via website: Click on the Deposit link, then click add the deposit to cart, complete the form including the requested session date from above list of available dates and click ‘add to cart’, click on cart link to checkout, fill out payment information and submit. I will send you an email to confirm date is held for you (in case someone else submitted request for same date ahead of you before I could update this page). I will give you option of receiving deposit refund or selecting another date.