Color graded photo of gym with bad lighting 

This past weekend marked the start of my daughter's volleyball season. Of course I brought the camera with me to capture some of the action. But like many gyms,  this one had really yellow metal halide light fixtures.   I tried white balancing as best I could but there was still a yellow cast and removing it affected skin color.   I had just learned a technique of color grading a video and thought of applying the technique to a photo I really liked. 

I used a gradient type grading technique which applied a certain hue to highlights and another color hue to the shadows.   I selected a orange-ish color for the highlights (skin was in highlights) and a bluish magenta color for the shadows.  The results are below  with the yellow light cast from the shadow areas having a cooler and contrasty feel to the highlight areas. 

The Solar Eclipse from Elkhart Indiana

I, like millions of Americans, set out on August 21, 2017 to photograph the solar eclipse taking place throughout a large swath of the United States. I decided weeks prior that I would not try to photograph the sun directly because there were people with better equipment in path of totality that would get phenomenal photos.

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