I will Never Forget

I will never forget when I was younger, my dad and I driving by the two Towers each Saturday morning while going to work, craning my neck as we got closer to them so I can still see the top.

I will never forget how the towers looked at night, with all the lights shining through the countless windows.

I will never forget all the visits with my family and friends up to the top of the towers and that 2 minute elevator ride each time.

I will never forget at looking at all the 'ants' down in the streets while sitting on the perimeter seating of the observation deck.

I will never forget my boss coming in the office telling us that a plane had flown into one of the Towers.

I will never forget calling my wife to tell her I was okay because my train passed by the Trade Center.

I will never forget her telling me that a second plane just hit while still on the phone with her.

I will never forget that very moment when an accident was instantly transformed into an act of War.

I will never forget walking a few short blocks to Bellevue Hospital from my office shortly after the Towers came down.

I will never forget that I wanted to do something.

I will never forget seeing a line wrapped around the block with other New Yorkers wanting to do donate blood.

I will never forget the trek back home into Brooklyn that day and hugging my wife and family.

I will never forget being at Ground Zero aiding with the recovery effort.

I will never forget walking through the rubble where, not one but two, 100+ story skyscrapers stood.

I will never forget the people that were searching through the twisted metal and powdery concrete that were once  twin monuments that defined the skyline of the greatest city.

I will never forget the sights, sounds and smells that day I was at ground zero while the fires were still burning - forever ingrained in me.

I will never forget walking by building facades plastered with the names and faces of people who were missing during my daily commute to work.

I will never forget the compassion shown by New Yorkers after the tragedy – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity.

I will never forget the day millions of strangers became a single family mourning.

I will never forget we were One Nation under God that day - united by the tragedy! We still are!

God Bless the victims and their families!