I took my son to the local Sky Zone - an indoor trampoline park.  Of course I took photos of him jumping.  There was this one photo that he appeared to get a good amount of air, while his legs were up in an Spider-Man-like pose that I absolutely loved.  So I took that photo and made a composite image with a  puffy cloud photo I had taken last year.  I utilized some advanced subject selection and blending mentioned in this FStoppers post. Below is the result.  Looks like a young Peter Parker to me! Dominic Jump.jpg

Lessons learned from this composite image: It was hard to get a clean edge in Photoshop because there was a little bit of motion blur.  A flash with HSS would have enabled me to freeze the action of it.  Increasing the ISO would have made it a bit noisy as there was already some perceptible noise at ISO 2000.  Blending layers was a powerful technique of adding texture.