Took a self portrait

Months ago, while my sister and her partner were still pregnant, they asked me to be the Godfather of their baby boy.  I was honored and thrilled that they asked me to take on that responsibility.  So when my nephew was born in March, I hastily did a self portrait in 'The Gadfather' movie motif.  I took the self-portrait in the living room dressed up in a tuxedo and holding a cigar while my wife and kids stepped out.  I then texted to my sister as a humorous 'welcome to the world'.  Although the photo was decent, I was not happy with it.  Things like leaving the cigar wrapper on the cigar, missing black button on shirt and lighting and busy background bugged me. After the baptism, I was given a nice black matted photo frame that had an 8x10 photo of Marlon Brando and Al Pacino with the iconic 'The Godfather" logo underneath.  I wanted to put my photo in it but since I was not happy with the one I hastily took in March, decided to reshoot it.  I did the reshoot yesterday, this time with a little more patience.

I sat in the middle of the living room in a leather recliner and opened up the window to get natural light to come in.  Then I placed two speedlights off on opposite sides to light up the sides of my face.  I asked my wife to sit in the chair to as I dialed in the light settings.  I chose a 85mm lens to give it some nice bokeh and get tighter to the face and triggered the photo with my cell phone via an app.  I'm pretty happy with the results.

You can see both the original photo and updated photos of me below.

Original self portrait - GOdfather


GodFather Joe-1