My name is Joe Tinervia and owner of Pixel Perfect You - a family portrait photography business located in Elkhart, Indiana.

How it started

Photography has been a passion since I first heard the click from my dad’s Konica rangefinder as I pressed the shutter button as a young boy. I found comfort behind the lens and learned over the years how to capture those fleeting moments spent with family and friends onto film and later digital files.

I am a husband to a wonderful wife and proud father of three children. My desire to take the best photos possible of my family during the various stages of of our lives together fueled me develop my photography and digital editing skills.

I started the business “Pixel Perfect You” in summer of 2017.  Pixel Perfect You is focused on high school senior photo sessions and family sessions because that is where I draw upon my experience of being a proud husband and father along with my skills with a camera to capture the best images of people and their families - images that reflect their persona.

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What to expect

At the risk of sounding cliche, my focus is on you - the client - by delivering professional images of your family in a timely manner. 

I like to schedule a meeting or phone call to get to know you before the photo session and listen to what you want captured. 

I also like being prepared.  As such, I will go scout and offer potential location(s) if you did not have one in mind, based on the images you want. I will bring the necessary photographic equipment to perform the job .

After the session, I cull the images and perform basic adjustments (crop, white balance, contrast, and tonal) before presenting them to you in an online proof gallery.  You then select your favorites.  Afterwards, I will perform basic photo retouching on high-resolution images of your favorites and deliver the digital images to you and upload them to a final client gallery.  I also offer the option to purchase prints, canvases, etc. directly from the gallery.

Finally, feel free to visit my blog where I share some session images and along with tips on photography.  

Thank you for stopping by! 

– Joe Tinervia