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My name is Joe Tinervia.  I am a photographer that has been taking pictures since I was a young boy.  Photography has always been a passion of mine.  It has really evolved in the last 14 years as I began capturing images of my children and wanting to make each photo better than the last.

I started the business “Pixel Perfect You” in summer of 2017 because my passion for photography grew into something where I was being asked by family and friends to take photos during various important events.  I believe that you never are working if you are doing something you love.  My wife and I have three kids and starting the business was an easy way for me to supplement my principal income.  Who knows where this will lead professionally, but as long as I am taking photos I know I will be content.

If you need to put a label on my photographic style, it presently tends to lean towards more documentary than artistic.  I love taking candid photos when possible because I feel that I capture the true essence of the person during that moment in time the shutter is released.  I always aim to produce the best image of the subject being photographed with every click of the camera.  For equipment, I mostly use a full frame digital SLR to capture RAW images that are then individually processed.

Contact me if you are interested in individual portraits, family portraits, sports photography, seasonal portraits, photo restoration or photo retouching services.  I currently do not have a studio, but can come to your home or photograph you outdoors.

I reserve all copyrights to photos and information shared here on this website.

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