Created a Matte for an Image

I had this great image of High School senior Veronica from our senior photo session that I wanted to share on Instagram.  It is the image below.  The subject filled most of the vertical aspect of the image – from her gorgeous shoes to the her sunlit hair.

OringialVeronicaFacing Sun

Initial image I wanted to post of Veronica facing the sun.


However, I had trouble making it appear correctly on Instagram because the app was cropping part of the image due to the 2:3 vertical ratio – forcing me to choose whether to crop out part of her head or her feet.  I found it to be unacceptable.  So I cranked up Photoshop and got to work.

Unacceptable crop from Instagram.

Unacceptable crop from Instagram.

The first thing I did was rotate the image the counter clockwise a little and had the content aware check box ticked on.  This generated some image info in the clipped areas created due to the rotation.  I duplicated the layer, then increased the canvas size to give it a 1:1 ratio which I know is Instagram’s preferred ratio.  I duplicated the layer again and increased the image size 200% and applied a blur  to it.  I made sure to place the enlarged image layer that was blurred under the un-blurred image.  I went to layer’s blending options and added a drop box a thin border around the image.  The result is what you see below – an image that has a custom matte that accents the photo nicely – in my opinion anyway.  Since I was in Photoshop, I took care of some more of the fly-away hairs too.

Final result of creating a custom matte for the image of Veronica facing the setting sun.

Final result of creating a custom matte for the image of Veronica facing the setting sun.

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