I was in a Photo Contest

Back in February, I entered the 37th Annual photo contest put on by Elkhart County Parks and Recreation.  It had three categories: Flights of Fancy, Nature of the Photo and Activities in the Parks.

I received First Place for Activities in Park with this black and white image I took of Lucie holding a leaf while looking over the railing on small bridge at Bonneyville Mills.


Autumn Thoughts

I also receive an honorable mention ribbon in the Nature of the Photo category with this photo below taken just east of the six-span bridge in Elkhart shortly after sunrise.  The mist rising off the water was pretty neat on the perfectly still water of the St. Joseph River.


This was a pretty cool experience that involved going through photos I’ve taken and deciding on which to enter.  Going to the mall to view the exhibit containing all the cool photos submitted created some anxiousness and excitement.  Finally finding my photos and seeing ribbons on two of the ones I entered was really humbling.


Dominic and I at the photo exhibit standing in front of the Morning Mist photo that received honorable mention in the Nature of the Photo category.


Standing in front of the Autmn Thoughts photo that received first place in the Activities in the Park category.  Another photo I entered can be seen in this photo as well – yep, the one with Lucie peering through a hole in the huge leaf.

I am thinking about entering another photo contest this November in Goshen.  Wish me luck!


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