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As a proud father of three children, it will be an honor to be entrusted to capture images of your high school senior. 

High school graduation is not only the culmination of years the senior's hard work but also that of their parents in raising them as they embark on the next stage of their lives.  Keepsake images capturing seniors at this stage in their lives is what I aim to accomplish with every click of the shutter.

This image was one of many I proudly delivered to Veronica.  Please click on the image or title to see additional senior images and information.

Having three kids of my own, I know it can be hectic to gather them all up, let alone smile for a family photo.  Leave that to me.  I think it is important to have a family portrait and display it prominently somewhere - whether it is in your living room, nightstand, office desk, postcard to family, etc..  Show off the one you love!

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There are times we need an individual photograph that is more than just a selfie.  It can be for a business or personal headshot, school photo, or less formal lifestyle-type image capturing you at work, at home or at play.  Let me know what your photographic needs are.  I will be happy to assist you with them.

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Couples Photo Sessions

Couples sessions are an awesome way to show love to your significant other.  A couples photo session can be a great experience, even for those who may be a little camera shy and you leave with tangible memories you can share (or keep for yourselves).  A couple session can easily incorporate a relaxing romantic activity such as watching a sunset, walking together at a park or revisiting where you had your first date.  

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